RICA International is aiming to provide interior design, project investment and management consultancy services, covering the hotel space, healthcare space, office space, traffic space, commercial space etc.. The firm has branches in Singapore and Shenzhen.With the design spirit of “Detail creates classic”, RICA focus on combining the design art and the actual function, to maximize the comfortable space on the basis of satisfing the actual function.
  • TEAM

    RICA International
    Director/Design Director

    Politecnico di Milano
    Master of Interior Design
    University of the Arts, Malaysia
    Environmental Art Department of Tsinghua University

    With extensive experience in project management and program design on hotel and business space, Mr. Hu focuses on combining design art with actual functions, participates in the course of the project management, and carries out design concepts into project. Throughout the past 20 years, he has involved in influential project design at home and abroad, provided professional services for the owners of the various fields, and Mr. Hu has been responsible for leading the team committed to providing high quality design for the clients.

    Christopher Tiew
    RICA International
    Design Advisor
    Wanda Group
    Hotel Design Director
    Design DMU United States
    Project Director

    Japanese Interior Architecture & Design, SAITO College Malaysia
    Education Background:
    Japanese Interior Architecture & Design, SAITO College Malaysia, Bachelor degree Christopher Kewen has more than 17 year’s experiences in the field of hotel interior design. Over the past 17 years, he has been taking part in a number of different sizes of hotel and club projects in China. His extensive international experience in hotel design and outstanding creativity brought each project a unique fashion idea. At the same time, he has a good Mandarin, Malay and English communication skills, 3d renderings and hand-painted ability.

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  • Returning to source of tasty meal
  • Design encounter cuisine
  • XIBEI Wangfujing restaurant
  • RICA chairman Hu Chaohui honored "Special Contribution Award"
  • MOMO Snack workshop
  • Xibei restaurant in Jinrong Street is an exclusive shop of Xibei restaurant group. It ingenious combines the Kitchen function with environment in limited space,  and uses artistic wall painting around the middle pillar to attract diners from  scent and sight. In restaurant lighting design, it adopts warm light, and uses  different light to divide the region, so that the whole restaurant warm and cozy.

    Xibei restaurant Beijing Fortune plaza store is located in CBD. It designs by RICA. The design ingenious combines the Kitchen with dining area in limited space, aiming to attract diners from scent and sight. It closer to dine every interaction with the chef's distance by combining Northwest culture, which is sinking deeply into the hearts of the people. It shows the latest ingredients and dishes so that diners feel full original ingredients cooking methods and enjoy healthy cuisine diners. Since the restaurant is opened, the occupancy rate is more than 400%, becoming one of the most popular restaurants in CBD.

    XIBEI restaurants group is the largest northwest cuisine chains in China with  the development process of 24 years. XIBEI Wangfujing restaurant is designed  by Mr. Hu Chaohui, design director of RICA. The design style is not only  simple but also elegant by using fresh and natural wood materials, with  carving decorative to create a simple and neat atmosphere. At the same time,  it uses Glass tableware and lighting to separate space. After opening, the  restaurant quickly attracts a large number of foody.

    RICA chairman Hu Chaohui on January 28, 2015 attended the annual meeting  of the Xibei Restaurant Group, and honored "Special Contribution Award."  Since 2010, RICA has completed hundred stores design for Xibei.

    The project is the first Snack workshop of Xibei Restaurant Group in  Beijing. The design has been remained the theme of healthy and fresh, and  assimilated more stylish design elements based on the ideas of quality and wealth. The whole style creates a natural and fresh environment.  The  outside area selects floral elements to create a stylish quality space.

    Dengfeng Jinpeng Eco hotel, designed by RICA and QingShang Architecture Design Institute, won the nest award in the fifth china international space environment & art design competition. The nest award has a reputation for "Oscar" award in the field of interior design.